Need I remind you?

Of the principle

You made

To be followed by all

You said.

And followed all

But you

For you

That principle was

A matter of choice.

All chose it,

You chose it not.

All followed,

You followed not

“I made it,” you yelled

“I unmade it,” you roared

I curse my creation.

Curse you, you foolish

Principle. You chain my

Deeds to my words.

Damn you, Damn you


Here I am again, here

You are, the principle

Perished, and people

Live on.

You are to them

A memory they

Don’t remember,

A history they’ve


Your face, to them


Ahh, the misery

The pity of it

You, the maker of principle

Are alive,

But are you?

You breathe,

But do you?

You wish, ehh?

How dare you? 


You, the one who reads

Want to know about the


That perished by the

Hands of its maker?

It was, “Once agreed to a thing,

Dare not to corrupt thy promise”.