SUKKUR - Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has asked the judicial officers to do their duty without any fear and favour and let the justice prevail with their actions. He said there would be no place for inefficient and corrupt officials after the introduction of new judicial policy on June 1. He was addressing the judicial officers of Sukkur region at Circuit House on Saturday. He said justice at high court or Supreme Court level did not serve the purpose alone but it should be visible at the lower courts also. He called upon the judicial officers to ensure justice as they are sitting on the seat of judges. He was confident that judicial officers would extend helping hand to the superior judiciary in dispensation of justice. He said year 2009 had been declared as the year of justice for all. He said lower judiciary had vast opportunities at their disposal for dispensation of justice and therefore they should take all measures in that direction. He said that under the new policy, the judicial officers would observe their self-accountability, and in this regard, he referred to his visits of Tando Adam, Hyderabad and Karachi and now to Sukkur, which were aimed at seeking their views on the policy. He made it clear that there will be no room for those, who thought they were above law and that, under the changing conditions either they will have to undo the old practices or work in accordance with the judicial system. The Chief justice said judiciary had embarked on a new journey after its victory in the lawyers' movement and the people had rightly pinned hope in the judiciary for the rule of law and justice. He called upon them not to compromise on the dispensation of justice because this was also the divine quality. Referring to the lawyers movement, he said that entire nation from Khyber to Karachi and from Quetta to Lahore including, all walks of life had supported the restoration of judiciary, which was unprecedented in the 62-year history of Pakistan. He remarked that the influential managed to get verdicts in their favour on the base of their wealth or influence, whereas as the poor were deprived of their rights. So, he said, after Almighty Allah, judges were the last hope for the poor. He said except five or ten percent of them, remaining officers in the judiciary were God fearing and honest and hoped that they will come true to nation's expectations. He remarked that from June 1, 2009 a new era of judiciary would begin. He said the eyes of all Pakistanis were on the judiciary and this was perhaps the best opportunity that they come in line with the confidence of people and establish the credibility of judiciary. He said people of the country had sided with the judiciary in the lawyers movement because they had trust on them. He said now judges would have to prove that they are capable to come to the people's expectations and added that judiciary will now work in a chain of command. He said there were other institutions, which were very disciplined and the principle of chain of command was their hallmark. We should also achieve the same principles for judiciary and called upon the judicial officers to work without fear or favour. He declared in clear terms that the weak will be given justice and their voice will be heard from lower level to high court and Supreme Court level. The Chief justice said that he was in the legal profession for last 35 years and after induction as judge during last 20 years it was his observations that, the judiciary was one and unanimous today, which was never before in the history of Pakistan. He said early challans of the cases would automatically pave way for quick process of the cases and meeting the demand of justice. He also spoke about the large difference of salary scales of district judges of Sindh with Punjab, while in Sindh a district judge was getting Rs 70 000 monthly salary and in Punjab he was getting Rs 175,000 per month. He said this was beyond his scope and government should rationalise the pay scales of the judges. The Chief Justice after his arrival at Sukkur airport went to the residence of former Vice President of Supreme Court Bar Association late Imdad Ali Awan to offer condolence with his family.