LAHORE Lack of proper attention by the parents towards their offsprings and regular scuffles between them forced their 14-year-old daughter to ask her father to shoot her otherwise she would elope with someone. The girl identified as Gull Afshaan daughter of one Mohammad Asghar alias Kali, and resident of Bhoogiwal village in Shalimar Police precincts, was gunned down by her father on May 8, 2011. According to the accounts of the members of her family and a few neighbours, Kali (40) tied the knot with one Salma Bibi (36) some 15 years ago and had four children including their elder one Gull Afshaan. Police investigators said, Most of the time, Kali remained unemployed and in recent years he was running a tea kiosk and was trying to make both ends meet. The unemployment and insufficient resources perhaps forced the couple to practice quarrels off and on. Salma Bibi has become a drug addict after developing differences with her husband, In-charge investigation Inspector Munawar Hussain added. Munawar observed the woman made engagement of her daughter against the formers will with the latters nephew, Aftab, who was also unemployed. The act, however, further infuriated Kali. The girl along with her one female cousin, who had also eloped with someone some years ago and later married to him, urged Afshaan to elope from the home otherwise her parents would kill her. One day when Salma was out of her home, Kali called on his paternal relatives with advice to arrive with complete arrangements of engagement of his daughter with another boy of Kalis choice, Munawar added. The girl Afshaan flatly refused to have second engagement and harshly informed her father that she had planned to elope within a few days for which she had already made arrangements. Shoot me otherwise I will elope with my paramour, the girl reportedly said to her father. Resultantly, Kali opened a straight bullet on her temple, which pierced into her head, leaving the girl dead on the spot, amidst dozens of relatives who had arrived for her second engagement. Later, the man fled the crime scene. A murder case (568/11) was lodged against Kali, who was later arrested on May 13. Giving expert opinion, Civil Lines Division SP (Investigation) Cap (r) Liaqat Ali Malik said the nature of the issue was quite serious. I think the parents should give proper attention to their children besides having smooth atmosphere at home, he commented. Mr Malik further said the parents should ensure 100 per cent smooth atmosphere at their homes besides enjoying good family relations and terms. The SP said, We have traced a few cases against Kali including an FIR of dacoity and having illegal weapons.