After sixty seven years, Pakistan is still waiting for a democratic political government. Although, we bragged about PPP being the first ever democratically elected government to complete its tenure, we are still a far cry from becoming a democratic country. Stripped of all its fancy terminology, democracy is simply where people are supreme, and this is certainly not true in Pakistan. We are still seeing demonstrations for free and fair elections. Most of the representatives in the National Assembly are feudal landlords that manipulate their constituencies through economic subjugation.

Now, there is a new bread that of dynastic politicians, and once they take root we are really doomed. Politics are run like family businesses, gratifying personal interests and using democracy to justify their acts and omissions. India has recently attempted to break free of similar dynastic reservations by appointing a Prime Minister who comes from relatively humble backgrounds. We should ensure that politics should not be a profession for the elite but the competent and deserving.


United Kingdom, May 21.