This tent looks as though it has been pitched in the sky in a photograph that plays tricks on the eyes. Student Bjarke Bitsch pitched his tent so high up Mont Blanc - the highest mountain in the French Alps - that snow and clouds blended together in this shot. The 24-year-old from Aarhus in Denmark took the stunning photo during a three day-expedition to climb the peak in Chamonix, France. The image was captured near the summit, at a spot called Aiguille du Gouter, which has an altitude of 3,900 metres. Bjarke donned boots, crampons, a helmet, an ice axe and a harness for the gruelling climb. He said: 'I was stunned when I got home and looked at the photos. The high exposure caused by the sun meant it looked just like we had camped on the clouds. The only reason I took the picture was because were proud of the work we had done with the tent - we made anchors with bags of snow to combat the wind. When we were up there it felt like being in a fantasy world but at the same time I felt so alive. It all looks so powerful and incredibly beautiful. MO