ATTOCK-Police within its limited resources are trying best to maintain peace and law and order in the region. At every cost, the security of the people and their property will be ensured. The role of the police could further be made affective with the cooperation of the media. RPO Rawalpindi Imran Ahmar said this while addressing a press conference in Attock. He was flanked by DPO Attock Syed Khalid Hamdani and ASP Amara Shirazi and PRO Tahir Iqbal. RPO said that he had a detailed meeting with the DPO and other police officers to get first hand knowledge about the law and order situation in Attock district and discussed matters pertaining to curtail crimes in the area. He said Attock police are doing best and its recent example is the arrest of three culprits who had killed a mobile shop owner and had escaped from the crime scene and for this quick trace of the criminals certainly Attock police deserve appreciation. He said that this government has done a lot for well-being of the police personnel by enhancing salaries while special steps are being taken to overcome shortage of police officers and subordinate staff. He said that Punjab government has announced recruitment of ten thousand police personnel within two years which will certainly further improve the performance of police force. He said this government has recently handed over five hundred new vehicles to police stations across Punjab while to improve the capability of investigating officers, special courses are being started. RPO said that those performing their duties religiously and with honesty will be rewarded and those with lethargic attitude and bringing bad name to police will be penalised. While answering different questions, the RPO said that his policy was to make police public friendly and solve the problems of the people on priority. He said that we are in contact with KP police to control interprovincial crimes and smuggling. He said that he had a meeting with ANF officers to control drugs smuggling and said that in this context intelligence based operations will be continued. 

RPO said that he had a meeting with those who are having police related issues and found most of them satisfied. He emphasised upon the journalists to play their vital role and both police and media collectively can better eradicate crimes from the society. Earlier, RPO had in detailed meetings with investigating officers, members of peace committee, Anjuman Tajiran and District Bar Attock.