ISLAMABAD On the occasion of Dr Aafia Siddiquis hearing in the US on Thursday, despite police baton charge a large number of people from diverse sectors gathered at Aabpara Market and walked towards US Consulate with solemn pledge to bring back thousands of missing persons home including Aafia. Representatives of civil society and human rights organisations including leaders of political parties and residents of the Capital city participated in a rally held in support of Aafia and against Pakistani Government for keeping mum over the matter of Dr Aafia and others missing persons. They walked towards the US Embassy despite deployment of heavy police contingent. However, they requested police to allow only their five members including Amina Masood to go to the US Embassy and register their protest, but police did not allow them. Finally, they held sit-in at a road, near Serena Hotel, and shouted slogans that they would continue their struggle under all circumstances. While shouting slogans against the US, they opined that it was the time to show strength for their loved ones. They said that the Government must act immediately for investigating all cases of enforced disappearance. The said, Instead of supporting us our leaders even did not allow us to speak about our rights. Talking to TheNation, Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson of Defence Human Rights (DHR) and wife of one of the missing persona, Masood Ahmad Janjua, who had been missing since May 2005, said that people were still being picked up by the intelligence agencies from across the country. I dont know why our leaders, who are often taking about protection of human rights, turned deaf ears to such an important matter of the missing persons, she added. A large number of citizens, who were picked up, were innocent and mostly belonged to the religious groups, nationalist parties or they were students, working journalists and scientists, she noted. She appealed to the Government, all religious, political parties and human rights organisations to play their active role in bringing Dr Aafia back home.