MIRPURKHAS    -     Hundreds of peo­ple of the Hindu commu­nity, including traders and the youth, took out a protest rally on Monday from Hindu Community Hall in Nao­kot to Naokot Press Club to press for arrest of the killers of medical student Nimarta. Led by Council­lor Mukesh Mali, Raja Mali, Dr Chetan Das and Dr Lach­man Das, protesters carry­ing banners and placards raised slogans in support of their demands.

They marched through main roads and arrived at Naokot Press Club where speaking to the partici­pants’ leaders have strongly condemned the murder of above lady doctor and not yet arresting the involved culprits. They blamed that efforts were being made to change her murder into sui­cide incident. They alleged that educational institu­tions were being made place of execution in the Sindh province. As a result, Hindu community’s youth is male insecure and avoiding ad­mission to government ed­ucational institutions. They alleged that some negative elements were involved in devastation of educational institutions in the province. They said that Hindu, Mus­lims, Christians and other religious people were living in the province as brothers and in peaceful atmosphere but some miscreants wanted to create differences among them but “we would not allow anyone to create differences among the above brothers in the Sindh province with joint efforts”. They demanded the higher authorities order in­quiry and ensure transparent inquiry into the above incident to give justice to the bereaved family and punish the involved culprits.