MULTAN - The 781th Urs celebrations of one of the greatest saints of South Asia Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Mulatni started on Wednesday.

Sajjada Nasheen Shah Mahmood Qureshi inaugurated the celebrations by performing ‘ghusal’ of the shrine.

A National Zakariya Conference was held on the first day of the Urs. A large number of Ulema and devotees from across the country attended the conference. They prayed for prosperity and security of the country.

Speaking at the first session of the conference, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi stressed the need for disseminating the saints’ teaching of love. He said he was convinced that lovers of the saint had faced no restriction to observe memories of their beloved saint.

He said his grandeur lied in it that he would remain stuck to shrines of saints. The kiss of love I find here found no alternate in my life, he said. Allah’s special blessings are held on those who play role for arrangements of Urs and distributing Lungar (meal) among the visitors. Peace, brotherhood and love are disseminated only from places of shrines.