MULTAN - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Wednesday warned that the enemies including a neighbouring country hatched conspiracies against Pakistan and tried to impose hybrid war on us but we would gouge all those eyes out which would put a bad look on Pakistan.

While speaking at the inaugural session of National Zakariya Conference on occasion of 781st annual Urs of Saint Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya, he added that the enemy wanted to spread chaos in our country by buying the loyalties of some people to promote sectarianism. 

“The enemy has changed its tricks after facing defeat in 2019 and realising that the Pakistani nation is united for the sake of security and solidarity of the country. Now, he wants to bring brothers face to face on lingual and religious grounds. We need to identify and thwart vicious designs of the enemy,” he asserted. 

“We badly needed unity, he said. “All institutions would have to play their role to steer Pakistan out of tough conditions. There was a heavy responsibility on media and intellectuals in this regard,” he added. 

He was of the opinion that the teachings of the saints should be followed for the promotion of peace, tolerance and harmony in the society. He said that we needed to avoid objecting others’ faiths while practicing our own. He stressed upon the faithful, who had come from Sindh for the Urs, to play their role for the promotion of unity among different sects. He said that the people came a long way from far flung areas of the country to Multan to get spiritual peace. 

He claimed that Pakistan was on path of progress and the impacts of this progress would soon start reaching to the people. 

The FM pointed out that unprecedented rains wreaked havoc in Sindh. He expressed strong sense of grief over the losses faced by the people of Sindh due to rains. He said that he was very happy to see that despite all odds, a large number of faithful came from Sindh to attend the Urs. “It clearly shows that no obstacle can block the flow of love and affection,” he added.