Opening schools is an excellent decision by the government because for the last seven months, due to the spread of Covid-19, all educational institutions have been dysfunctional for a quarter of the year which has caused greater loss to children from learning knowledge. This decision is appraised by all class of the people. When educational institutions shall open, it shall bring unemployed people back to employment because those who were serving on the daily wages in such institutions have suffered miserably. He may be from any department. He is either serving as an attendant of the office, mess boy, gardener, van boy, rickshaw driver or canteen man. These people have suffered a lot during these lockdowns and the close of educational institutions. Their daily expenditure was more than their income because they were dependent on the income of the service that they used to render as daily wage employment.

It is obvious that the educational sector, when it becomes functional, does not only serve the children’s education but also brings jobs to other sections of the society. We must not forget them when these educational institutions go off for a long period of time. There are many people whom we personally know that they have fallen victim to extreme poverty because their income was suspended. They have no other option to work and retrieve the lost money because everybody was afraid of bearing the burden. No one was at ease to offer them a job because it was not certain when the educational institutions shall function smoothly. Now, the ray of hope is apparent that there will be sustenance when the school, colleges and universities will remain open from the 15th of September. It is advised to the owners of the private educational institutions that they reappoint the daily wage employees because their survival is wholly dependent on the smooth run.

The precautionary tools must be followed strictly as wearing masks, hand gloves and observing six feet distance should be enforced when we enter into the educational institution. If we fail to practice the preventive measures as directed by the government then it will be again possible that the educational institutions remain closed for an indefinite period of the time. If such a condition arises then the fate of people will be the worst. So, prevention is better than a cure. We as responsible citizens of this country ensure that our prime priority is the safety of children and then the indigent people who are allied with it.

This is also a must that before opening the schools it is the duty of the concerned authorities to make the place neat and clean. The disinfectant walk-through-gates must be established at the first entrance. The primary gadgets of employees and the bags of the student must be showered with fountain spare of the chlorine chemical so that the hazards of spread Covid-19 remain less in the place. Such steps must be taken foolproof because once the lapse is neglected then the consequences will be the worst.