OKARA-PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi criticised Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq for supporting PML-N-backed candidates in the Senate elections.

He said that Sirjul Haq was elected by the votes of PTI but he later voted for the Nawaz Sahrif-backed candidate against whom the JI chief had filed a petition in the apex court as he was not Sadiq and Ameen. To a query Mr Qureshi why disqualified Jahangir Tareen was made the member of PTI Parliamentary Committee, he said after a pause, that question could put to Imran Khan.

Addressing a gathering, he said that new Pakistan was just approaching under the PTI as the PML-N and PPP governments had failed to resolve the problems of the country. He was speaking to the gathering held in the city by PTI leader Syed Samsam Ali Bokhari in connection with the mobilisation of the party activists for its upcoming public meeting at Lahore under the slogan of ‘’ Tajdeed-i-Ahed’’ (renewal of pledge). He said the 29th April meeting would become the basis of final change in the country.

He said that PPP in 2008 and PML-N in the current tenure along with clear majority in 2015 local bodies elections across the Punjab could not bring change in any segment of the society.

“This is the main cause among the opinion makers including political leaders, sitting and former MNAs and MPAs who had lost the future hope with these parties,” he said. He said Pakistani rupee had been devalued as the dollar had reached to Rs 118. The PML-N in 5 years had taken loans more than the county took in previous 60 years. Even a born baby stands with the debt of Rs120,000, he said.

The sugarcane, potato and cotton growers are the worst sufferers of the losses and in north Punjab. The people in the south Punjab were living below the poverty line. The govt had failed as no country was ready to issue visa to green passport, he regretted. In the decade of 60s, 70s and later in 90s the Pakistanis had gone to Britain, Saudi Arabia- Masqat, other UAE states and the US and they send nearly 20 billion dollars to the country. Now the 300 billions dollars of various Pakistanis were lying in the foreign banks, he noted.