LAHORE  - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should resign and dissolve National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies immediately with exemption of Senate without any further delay to end the ongoing political crisis or the PM should step down for 90 to 120 days and all Assemblies should be suspended for the specific period.

This was the highlight of the address of Chaudhry Javed Elahi, brother of PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, who was the keynote speaker of a seminar titled ‘Solution to defuse the present political crisis’ held at a local hotel on Sunday.

Ch Javed Elahi said that longer term was not acceptable to the voters or Opposition parties due to vibrant media and financial constraints on the public. Suggesting the solution to defuse the present crisis, he proposed credible caretaker set up with highly credible people from the society.

He said that Armed Forces should play the major role in the entire set up till election process was completed and new government took over.

He said no politician should be inducted in the interim set up.

He said that new electoral reforms would bar monarchy and groups who at present were dominating forces in the political arena at present and these reforms would help in breaking up present status quo.  “Interim set up should announce elections within 120 to 150 days under new electoral reforms. New electoral reforms should be given complete legal protection,” he said.  He said judiciary’s role should be to safeguard the interest of the country, interference in this process should not be allowed.

He said entire election process should be held under Armed Forces right from printing of ballot papers till casting of votes and having final results on election-day.

He said Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif should surrender and present himself for fair and free trial regarding killing 24 innocent unarmed protesters of PAT.

The other option, he said Nawaz Sharif should announce re-election on all controversial constituencies irrespective of numbers 50 to 100 with mutual consent of aggrieved parties e.g. PT1, PML-Q, PPP, MQM. He said decision should be taken within seven days.

Time is also running out and our country cannot afford to put the entire economic system on halt for personal egos, he added.

He suggested that tenure of the Assembly would be for three years would end in March-2016 according to new electoral reforms.  He said that 10 points of PAT must be considered with few changes as the country could benefit from those reforms.