A man set himself alight because the police freed alleged man who had raped his wife.

According to the media reports, 28 year old Safdar Hussain set himself on fire in order to protest against the police of Athra Hazari for releasing accused involved in robbery and gang rape of his wife in Jhang.  

After setting himself on fire, the victim was rushed to the Allied Hospital in Faislabad.  The doctors at the hospital reported that the victim was in a critical condition and 70 percent of his body was burnt and sustained injuries.

An anonymous police official told the media that the victim Safdar Hussain wanted to meet SHO Ghulam Abbas Sehgal at the Athra Hazari police station. The victim complained that a man involved in sexually assault of his wife was released after bribing the investigation officer.

Safdar pleaded with the SHO to take some action against the investigation officer and detain the suspects.  However Ghulam Abbas misbehaved with him and asked his constables to throw the man out of the police station, police official revealed.

“In sheer frustration, Safdar Hussain sprinkled petrol on his body and set himself alight outside the office of the SHO,” he said.

IGP Punjab took notice of the incident and suspended DSP Tahir Hussain Khikhi, SHO Ghulam Abbas Sehgal, Investigation Officer Nawaz Naul and ordered to start investigation against them and charged them with negligence.

According to the Muhammad Hussain who is a close relative of Safdar told that three alleged barged into his house, looted his assets on gunpoint and raped his wife.

Safdar was able to identify the accused and lodged a complaint against them in area police station. A case was registered under sections 376 and 379 of the Pakistan Panel Code after delay of 4 days.  One of the accused was detained but later released after bribing the investigation officer, he revealed.

“Other accused namely Khiza and Zafar were also recognized by the police but the police was hesitant to arrest them which in turn led Safdar to take an extreme step and set himself on fire,” he added.

 Nawaz Naul, suspended investigation officer denied the charges that he took bribe and released the accused. Rajab Ali who became incharge of the Athra Hazari police station told the media that the medical examination of the gang rape’s victim  confirms that she was sexually assaulted.  Moreover, he claimed to have detained all the suspects mentioned in the FIR.