DG Khan             -         The District Police has divided the district DG Khan into four administrative sectors of 18 police stations and three categories extremely sensitive A-category, sensitive B-category and C-category to maintain law and order in the district during Ashura-e-Muharram, said District Police Officer Akhter Farooq. 

Talking to The Nation, DPO Akhter Farooq informed that a total of 932 Majalis including 143 A-category, 462 B-category and 327 C-category and 462 mourning processions  including 38 A-category, 196 B-category and 228 C-category would be held across the district, adding that  1211 policemen had been deployed to guard these processions and majalis. 

He added that 4 DSPs, 13 Inspectors, 58 Sub Inspectors, 76 ASIs, 99 Head Constables, 937 Constables, 27 LC and 633 volunteers were performing duties to ensure peace/foolproof security and promote religious harmony among all the sects during Muharram across the district. The police force had been provided with modern and sophisticated weapons to avert any untoward incident. 

He shared metal detectors and walkthrough gates had been installed on the entrance and exits of the gatherings and processions where each person would be checked before entering and leaving. The CCTV cameras had also been affixed in all the ways of the Muharram processions, in and around the Imam bargahs for ensuring the round the clock monitoring of all the Majaalis and processions during Muharram.

The DG Khan District administration has banned the entry of 25 Ulema belonging to different sects in the district, besides, imposing official ban on the speeches of 14 other Ulema of different schools of thought in the district during the month of Muharram, he added.

He said that distribution of hate material and wall chalking would never be tolerated. “No one will be allowed to deliver hate speeches against the other school of thought and the violators will be punished as per law,” he warned.