KARACHI - Sugar prices during the Muharram will further increase and the commodity that is earlier being sold at Rs60 per kg will soon cross Rs65 per kg by Muharram 10 as predicted by the market analysts. The worst affectees will be the women consumers. According to one Nasreen Bano, It is difficult to consume sugar but what can one do with the coming of a confusing surge in the prices of sugar. We have to prepare many food items during Muharram and sugar is a basic commodity that helps in making of some sweet items. It is strange that during Eidul Azha, the prices of certain green vegetables and tomatoes also raised several times more than the actual price. According to statistics, the Utility Stores Corporation increased the supply of sugar in the City from 100 tonnes to 150 tonnes on daily basis. Although the commodity is available in USC, many of the consumers are not buying the commodity due to its poor quality available at the stores. The retailers and shopkeepers have sold the said commodity at a price of Rs60 per kg but the increase is evident on the 10th of Muharrum. It is pertinent to mention that the commodity surged to Rs70 during Eidul Azha, almost a month back. There were even clear reports of fluctuation in the demand and supply of the commodity.