ISLAMABAD : Pakistanis across the country and abroad celebrate Pakistan Day with exceptional zeal and zest.

People associated with the film and drama industry also celebrate the day in their own way.

In this connection, Paris-based Khawri production has decided to produce a telefilm highlighting the positive aspects of the country.

The script has been written by Waqar Hashmi, CEO On-Desi TV, while Khawar Abbass, chairman Khawri Productions, has directed the telefilm. Popular actors and actresses of French television medium including Alexandra and Ceiline Julia are starring in the telefilm.

The telefilm is being shot simultaneously in Paris and Rawalpindi.

In Paris, the cast include Qasim Ali, Sardar Asif, Zeeshan, Waqas Hashmi, Ibrahim Khan and Jibran Saleem. In Rawalpindi, Umair Khawar is playing the lead role.

The telefilm narrates as how the French people tended to hate Pakistanis for apparently no reasons. However, their minds changed one day when they found a man who had sacrificed his life to save scores of French nationals during a terrorist attack turned out to be a Pakistani.

The telefilm also highlights different aspects of the lives of ordinary Pakistanis who are always there to help others for the sake of nothing.

Khawar Abbass while talking to media said that he expected no monetary benefits from the telefilm but wanted to bring positive image of the country to the forth.

The telefilm is expected to be telecast by Pakistan Television on March 23.