Raif Badawi is an activist in a dire circumstance because of a sinister mindset that panders to oppression and violence. While he is imprisoned for the crime of blasphemy, his wife and children eagerly await his release and require your immediate assistance.

It was over two and half years ago that Badawi was arrested and charged by the Saudi authority for “insulting Islam” on his blog. His wife, Ensaf Haider, published a notice detailing his situation and has been relentlessly active in protesting for her husband’s release.

Is it any surprise that Saudi Arabia [being notorious for punishments in the name of Islam] had initially sentenced Badawi to death for apostasy before altering it to 1000 lashes, 10 years in prison and an absurd fine? How sadistic are the minds of these men who have “reduced” the sentencing of death by giving an order to flog him 50 times a week for 20 weeks instead which is also synonymous to a death sentence?

The nature of blasphemy laws are so perilously disconnected from any moral values that it’s literally representative of psychopathy—people enduremass terror under these brutally primitive laws in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia isn’t alone in this disconnection—and that is one of the most horrifying realities to deal with because it affects millions of Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

Badawi will be given 50 severe lashes every week for hurting prides of fanatical men who do not respect the international laws that support freedom of speech. So what is it that Badawi had written in his blog that was deemed so criminal—so “insulting” towards Islam? He kindly promoted secularism so it can benefit the citizens—a great move forward to compel a modernization of Saudi Arabia.

By suggesting that the jurisprudence should be based on secular values instead of Islamic values—he was accused of blasphemy and sentenced to be tortured with an utter disregard for human life.

Badawi was punished for defying the same order that had encouraged him to write his blog in the first place. Saudi Arabia reacted by showing him what happens when one fights religious dictatorship—it was a textbook assault on freethinkers.

Islamic nations are inching toward unprecedented civil unrest due to resistance against Islamist terror and the religious authority [based in Saudi Arabia] do not fancy it one bit—what they prefer are values built on tribalism which means they will rather kill and punish than give into silly things like liberalism.

Those responsible for Badawi’s torture can witness their absurd sentiments being broken down with every scar they inflict on his spine.

What’s amusing is the inconsistency of the Saudi law vs their condemnation of the Kouachi brothers. How many heads were “sentenced” to be slashed off people since and before the Paris attack? How many more bloodbaths are being created by the Islamists they fund around the rest of the world? If the west should be condemned—they should be condemned for their alliance with these demented fools who openly and freely torture their own citizens and promote Islamism.

What Saudi Arabia represents is indeed carnage that is no different from the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Human rights are so limited there that gender apartheid and blasphemy laws are rampant and the only thing that stands out is the dehumanization of women, children and men [for the sake of religion].

Badawi’s plight echoes a paradox of human rights struggle—from the religiously oppressive laws prosecuting people in the 21st century [courtesy of the far right conservative fringe] to the erroneous mindsets of the far left liberals that consolidate the primitive sentiments that fuel the right wing atrocity.

People often complain that freedom of speech should “not offend” others and yet do these people hear themselves? The state of being offended is a perception—not a fact. And the perception of being offended is a result of a personal sentiment and nobody’s sentiment is above human rights—it’s time the world understands this simple concept.

We must renounce the foolishness and start contributing to the safe return of Badawi [and others like him]. If you wish to have cultures, traditions, beliefs and most importantly,laws based on humane principles—you will be more outraged for the victims of religious prosecution rather than being “offended” at free speech.You are free to believe what you want—but your belief can in no way infringe on the rights of others. Those who still believe in a liberal democracy will not allow religion to hijack morals and our fundamental human rights such as the expression of thought.

If you are not free to even verbally express yourself—then what else is there to life but slavery? What kind of god is so exalted, mighty and brave yet loses grace in the sight of free speech? The Islamic authority and fanatical individuals are the only ones who “insult Islam”by diminishing the“grace” of their god with blasphemy laws—not those who criticize Islam or promote secularism. The tyranny of religion [aside from scriptures] can only be validated by the acts of its worshippers.

Badawi is a hero whose name will be echoed in protests now and in the future—it’s loud and clear of that message. The protests must be kept strong and steady even after he is reunited with his wife and children—and I say this with a fleeting sense of hope because his name is being hailed across the world. If the Saudis choose to ignore these protests—they know they’re setting themselves up for a greater backlash from the international community.It is pertinent to use any diplomatic or media connection to condemn Saudi Arabia’s violent reign.

Raif Badawi is a brave man who used his own voice to encourage freedom of speech in a land that has criminalized it. Let’s continue to remind the Saudis that their atrocity on humanity will be met with firm resistance. Click here on Amnesty and Change.org to lend your voice to Raif and his family. Take action. #FreeRaif.

Do not show verbal restraint when it comes to protecting those brutalized by any system of governance that deny human rights because it is only your silence that strengthens such mass tyranny. The potential to break the cycle of oppression is razed by the non-action of those oppressed—and I believe it’s fair to say Raif Badawi knew that—and that is why we must stand with him and demand his release.