While Pakistan continues to struggle with its chronic power cuts, the debilitating and severe petrol crisis has brought the country to a standstill. This shortage will add further pressure on the government, which already remains accountable for numerous issues Pakistan faces today. Minister for Petroleum, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi blamed the substantially high demand of petrol, following a massive reduction in price. Whereas experts conclude the government’s failure to accumulate adequate stocks was to blame.

All other reports were quick to hold Pakistan State Oil (PSO) responsible for failing to secure further credit to pay for imports beyond its existing credit of about £2 billion. The Pakistani populace is being bombarded with haphazardly assembled reasoning for the petroleum shortage, creating yet another deep dent in the gross mismanagement and corrupt administration, of the current government. We do not need hollow apologies and empty promises, PM chaired high-level cobra styled meetings or even officials expressing strong displeasure over the matter. We need immediate action over this snowballing crisis that is rapidly draining motorists off patience and threatening to engulf the entire country to God forbid come to a sudden halt.


United Kingdom, January 22.