JHANG : A magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit Jhang district and other adjoining areas on Thursday, forcing people to rush out of their homes and workplaces.The epicentre of the tremor was located some 40 kilometres northwest of the district at the depth of 20km, according to the metrological department.

No loss of life or property damage was reported.

It is pertinent to mention here that an earthquake had hit Quetta and other cities of northern and eastern Balochistan last week. The tremor struck Quetta and other areas at around 1.30am, forcing people to leave their homes and workplaces and rush into the open.

The metrological department said that the epicentre of the 3.0 magnitude earthquake was found some 10km southeast of Kharan. The quake originated in 25km depth. According to reports, the tremor was felt in Harnai, Shahrag, Mastung, Mach, Kolpur, Pishin and several other areas of northern and eastern Balochistan. No casualty or property damage was reported. However, cracks were reported in some mud houses in areas on the outskirts of Quetta and other areas.