Palestine - Palestine’s leadership vowed Thursday not to recognize any Middle East peace plan it had previously rejected, warning the U.S. and Israel against announcing such a deal. Nabil Abu Rudeinah, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Presidency, said in a statement that the Palestinian leadership will reject any steps by the U.S. that would breach international law, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. “If this deal is announced according to these rejected formulas, the leadership will announce a series of measures in which we will safeguard our legitimate rights and we will demand Israel to assume its full responsibilities as an occupying power,” Rudeinah said. He warned Israel and the U.S. administration against crossing any red lines. He also reiterated the call for ending the Israeli occupation of the State of Palestine since 1967.

Chinese New Year begins with 3D technology

BEIJING (INP): Chinese New Year Eve was celebrated on January 24.The 2020 Spring Festival Gala, arranged by the China Media group used a number of new technologies such as 5G and drones, made a wonderful appearance, bringing an audio-visual feast of the fusion of technology and culture to global audiences. The gala is closely related to the theme of the times and hot social topics. From expressing love for families and hometown, to praising the contribution of people and expressing bless to the motherland, from chasing dreams to praying for happiness, from bright folk songs to dynamic disco, rich and wonderful programs integrated with tradition and fashion made this gala into a “New Year Eve Cultural Feast”. In order to fight the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, a scene report program “Love is a Bridge” was specially added on the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala to help Wuhan and cheer for China. This year’s “Spring Festival Gala” stage created a three-dimensional dance beauty for the first time, while using flying screen technology to create a 360-degree surround landscape, bringing the audiences the ultimate experience of “naked eyes 3D” in front of the screen. A number of technological innovations made this year’s “Spring Festival Gala” full of technological content. The Gala lasted for 260 minutes and included programs such as songs, dances, magic shows, acrobatics, operas, sketches and so on. At the same time, robots and drones also participated in the shooting and production of the programs, realizing VR live broadcast for the first time. The “Spring Festival Gala”, which began in 1983, is a large-scale comprehensive cultural and art party launched by Chinese National Television on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year.