Lahore - Just two words used, and the influential British magazine ‘The Economist’ has done a superb job to portray India as an intolerant nation accurately.

In its upcoming edition, the magazine will have the cover “Intolerant India.” The magazine has further delved into “How India’s prime minister and his party are endangering the world’s biggest democracy”.

The Economist describes itself as a “product of the Caledonian liberalism of Adam Smith and David Hume,” and it was in 2010, exactly ten years ago, when the same magazine had shown on its cover a tiger running at full pace while the headline read, “How India’s growth will outpace China’s.” Now it is apparent that India has lost the ten-year challenge.

There were the times when India was being propped up as an emerging economic power, and it has now fallen due to the BJP abysmal record of human rights.

Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, Jalil Abbas Jilani, has described the magazine’s cover as an “an apt description of India.” Jilani has shared the cover that displays Indian national symbol, a lotus flower, blooming on the roundly-moving fence of barbed-wires.

As far as the reality of Indian success on the economic front is concerned, Bangladesh has succeeded in leaving India behind. ADB’s GDP forecast for year-2020 predicts the growth rate in Bangladesh by 8 percent and India by 7.2 percent.

The forecast probable growth rate of Maldives by 6.3 percent, Nepal 6.3 percent, Bhutan by 6 percent, Sri Lanka by 3.5 percent, and Afghanistan by 3.4 percent. It is pertinent to mention that ADP’s forecast for the GDP growth rate for Pakistan remains at 2.8 percent in 2020. Pakistan’s GDP growth rate forecast of the IMF for the year 2020 is 2.1 percent.