KARACHI-Our favorite Rockstar is on a roll this year, getting nominated for two awards! As we know Umair Jaswal has been style goals for the past few years and the release of his original song ‘ChalRahaHoon’ had fans within Pakistan and across the border in complete awe. Umair has been nominated for the HUM Style award for ‘Most Stylish Performer’ and PISA 2020, for ‘Best Song’.

UmairJaswal is already credited for his phenomenal sense of style and it’s about time he got the credit he deserves. This marvelous singer can pull off anything and everything, from street style to rock n roll fusion, from shalwarkameez to sportswear, we love to check out Umair’s fashion evolution time and time again.

Uniquely designed and draped to fit his aesthetic, his sense of fashion cannot be overlooked. His style is sophisticated paired with a Rockstardemeanour which matches his artistry. This powerhouse singer explores his creativity through each article of clothing and it looks like he uses his dress-sense as a form of expression.

Giving special credit to his stylist, Ehtisham who has previously stated, “I have styled Umair not only for Coke Studio but also for his music video and red carpet. He has a strong personality. His rock-star image, his high energy performance and commitment towards doing the best every time has been an inspiration. He is one of those very few who doesn’t rely on borrowing clothes or endorsing if he doesn’t feel like it. He has this massive collection of footwear. Jackets always allow me to think out of the box for him. He is someone I always look forward to working with.”

As his original song ‘ChalRahaHoon’ premiered, fans were stunned at the brilliant composition of the track and we were completely blown away. A well-deserved nomination again, this was Umair’s first original song on Coke Studio and has been a major hit, already grabbing up to almost 2 Million views in only 2 months.

A heart hitting personal song about love, loss and the process of moving on from personal tragedy. This relatable track melted our hearts and we believe he has truly earned both nominations.