ISLAMABAD - Federal Government has decided to take stringent action against Jundullah (Army of Allah) a Balochistan based militant group to secure the release of 16 kidnapped Iranian border security personnel, sources in the Interior Ministry requesting anonymity revealed to Waqt News , here on Wednesday. The decision has been taken after the meeting between the PM's Advisor on Interior Affairs Rehman A. Malik and the visiting Iranian Interim Interior Minister Syed Mahdi Hashmi on July 22 here in Islamabad. The sources said that during the meeting on July 22nd the Iranian nine member delegation led by Syed Mahdi Hashmi interim Iranian Interior Minister, raised it's sever concerns over the kidnapping of their 16 border security personnel by Jundullah. The Iranian delegation was concerned about the life of their men since the militant group had announced their killing if their demands were not met. The sources said that Interior Ministry has issued directions to the Inspector General Balochistan Police and other law enforcement agencies for taking immediate action against the said militant group for the release of detainees. Jundullah is mainly working in Pakistan's Balochistan province and Iran's Sistan province some believe that the organization is also linked with Al-Qaeda however no solid evidence is available to prove this allegation yet. The spokesman of the militant group, Maulvi Abdul Rauf on June 13 this year claimed the responsibility of the kidnapping of 28 Iranian border security personnel. He however also announced that the 12 personnel had been freed whereas the remaining 16 were still in their custody. Maulvi Abdul Rauf had demanded the release of hundreds of their activists relinquishing in the Iranian jails. Interestingly the Iranian delegation not only demanded the help of Pakistani authorities about the release of their men but they also sought the custody of another sixteen men.  which are in the Pakistani jails claiming them to be the Iranian citizen however Pakistani authorities have asked the Iranian counterparts that they would only be handed over to the Iran after the confirmation of their nationality since Pakistan thinks that the said men were Pakistanis. Iran demanded their extradition saying that these militants had been involved in different subversive activities in Iranian Balochistan, Sistan and some other places. It merits mentioning that Pakistan had also handed over Abdolhamid Rigi the brother of Abdolmalek Rigi the leader of Jundallah along with three of his associates who had been jailed in Queta since 2007.