KARACHI - The Lyari Town administration has recommended to the higher authorities concerned to conduct probe into granting of lease to the 'un-authorised occupants of Mauripur Road at the site of the old truck stand. Despite allotment of alternate plots by the government to the truck owners, they are still unwilling to vacate the old truck stand located in Maripure area, which is creating hurdles for the residents of the neighbourhood. The municipal administration of Lyari Town has protested the granting of leases to the 'un-authorised occupants of old truck stand. The administration has warned that occupation of amenity plots could create a serious law and order situation in the locality. It is mentionable that all the legitimate transporters at the old site were granted alternate plots at the new truck stand site Hawksbay Road at reasonable rates. An undertaking was also signed by the allottees assuring that they would shift their businesses after they had been issued possession orders. The decision to shift the present truck stand was taken at a meeting of the defunct KMC council in 1990 because it could not cope with the increasing transport load. In a communication addressed to the administrator City Government, the Lyari Town administrator maintained that original transporters had already shifted their business to their leased-out plots at the new truck stand Hawksbay. The town administrator termed the present occupiers at the old truck site at Mauripur as encroachers and illegal occupants, adding that they had no right to the lease. The Lyari Town administrator has taken serious note of public complaints that District Officer CDGK Land Management-11 (KMC) Lease was processing illegal cases for grant of lease to the unauthorized occupants at the old truck stand, Mauripur Road. He said that instead of issuing illegal leases, these public plots could be utilised for amenity purposes like parks, schools, colleges and health purposes The town administrator warned that any diversion could agitate the people of Lyari and may create law and order situation over there. He also suggested that an inquiry should be conducted to find out the culprits who were planning illegally to lease out amenity plots. More than 600 transporters were issued allotment orders. Despite the fact that they had been issued possession orders for the new site a large number of the occupant did not honour their commitments. According to a survey 35 to 40 per cent transporters had shifted their business and constructed their offices and godowns.Several social organisations have alleged mass-scale irregularities in the allotment of plots as most of transporters continue to occupy the plots at the old as well new sites.