The Federal Interior Minister and the Sindh Home Minister are currently acting as court jesters. Unfortunately with blood spilling on the streets of Karachi, I am sure no one is laughing. The MQM has been won over once again. The "roothna" at a drop of a hat and then "maan jana" with a bit of coaxing and cajoling has become a joke. I wonder what incentives were given? But no one noticed the mayhem during the period in between. While Nawaz Sharif is living in the past, ANP, MQM, PML(Q) are all for sale. Zardari has proved himself to be a better "politician" than all the old politicians. In the meanwhile the people are at the mercy of hoarders, looters, plunderers, mafias, loadshedding, corruption, crime rate etc. Thank you the PPP for "Democracy is the Best Revenge". I think he must have got his pound of flesh by now. MAHMOOD MALIK, July 19.