MULTAN - MQM Rabta Committee Deputy Convener and Federal Minister for Oversees Pakistanis Dr Farooq Sattar has said that landlords and feudals of this region are bent upon making South Punjab another Bangla Desh.

He observed this while addressing the participants of a public gathering organized by former MPA Mirza Furqan Moghal, who recently joined MQM. Farooq Sattar added that South Punjab was the most backward area of Pakistan after Balochistan as the feudal lords of this area were the biggest hurdle in the way of development work. He said that if MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain made a commitment regarding Seraiki Province, he would fulfil his promise.

He pointed out that the peasants, who played the role of backbone in agriculture sector, were living very poor lives in this area which was highly regrettable. He said that this big gathering of people presented the view of any big public meeting of Karachi or Hyderabad. He congratulated Mirza Furqan Moghal for holding such a successful show. He assured the participants that MQM would set up hospitals in all districts of this region besides making an agricultural university in Multan.

Speaking on the occasion, Mirza Furqan Moghal said that the only party that could bring change in the country was MQM.