LARKANA - Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has provided 39 boats along with 43 de-watering machines, 8100 tents, 72000 mosquito nets, 17200 mosquito repellent bottles and 20 water tanks to critical districts of the province.

Syed Salman Shah DG-PDMA told media that there are over 26 million population at Katcha areas which will directly suffer due to heavy deluge over 6 lac cusec water as it reaches from Guddu-Kashmore to the tail-end Sindh.

While in Larkana Secretary Irrigation Syed Zaheer Hyder Shah along with irrigation officials visited Larkana and Sukkur vulnerable embankments particularly and re-assured that there is no risk of present flood water at Indus. He directed irrigation authorities to be vigilant while monitoring should be carried out and availability of emergency material at different locations of 46 sensitive embankments. Whereas, a large number of inhabitants nearby Indus River confirmed that administration and irrigation officials had granted permissions to take out sand/silt for selling purpose by tractors from River Indus for a year.

It is due to heavy tractors and minting mines that walk ways have been vandalising River Indus embankments say villagers. The villagers further said that the irrigation and district administration authorities are fully aware of embankments.

Hundreds and thousands rupees of illegal trade have weakened all these sensitive Indus River dykes during flood and monsoon. It is also pertinent to mention here that the Katcha areas of River Indus inside centered islands on hundreds kilometers have been built throughout, while Pakistan’s federal institutions OGDC and FFC infrastructures including platforms, roads, well, dykes and other constructions inside Indus River, which have severely affected flood water flow and pushed it to the sensitive embankments of 46 areas over 1300 wide around.

The sources said that irrigation officials have never took measures to remove illegal centered islands of hundreds of kilometers in the Katcha areas of Indus River, which is a major cause of deluge pressure on sensitive dykes and other parts at River. In this regard, the civil society has demanded to take serious action against these illegal obstacles in the water flow inside River Indus.