BAJAUR - More than 60 per cent of polling stations in the tribal district have been declared sensitive and very sensitive for the July 25 general election, an official of the local administration said on Tuesday.

He said that 233 polling stations out of the total 336 established for the two National Assembly seats, NA-40 and NA-41 had been declared sensitive and most sensitive. He said that total number of polling stations for NA 40 was 175 in which 40 were sensitive while 41 had been declared the most sensitive.

Similarly, the official said that a total of 161 polling stations had been set up in NA-41 constituency in which 49 were sensitive while 103 had been declared the most sensitive. The official added that strict security measures had been made for sensitive and most sensitive polling stations aimed to thwart any unpleasant incident on the polling day.

Regarding the total number of registered voters in the district, the official said that there were 492,732 voters in the region including 288,958 men and 203,774 women. He further added that the number of registered voters in NA-40 was 255,579 in which the male voters were 148,400 while the women voters were 107,179. He said that total number of voters in the NA-41 were 237,153 in which 140,558 are male and 96,595 are women.

Meanwhile, the ballot papers, ballot boxes and others poll related materials have been dispatched to the polling stations by polling staffs under strict security arrangements.

Earlier, the ballot papers and the ballot boxes to the polling staff were handed over by district returning officer during a ceremony held for the purpose in civil colony Khar.