A few incidents have been reported that have hampered the otherwise smooth process of balloting when at least 25 transgender observers were barred from entering polling stations across Peshawar despite being issued cards by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The transgender community has informed ECP about KP Police’s behavior, however no action has been taken yet.

Transgender Election Day Observer (EDO) stopped by security forces at Afghan Colony despite having ECP accreditation card

Meanwhile, no adequate facilities were provided to assist handicap and senior citizens in polling stations in Peshawar.

The voting process at UC-73 Peshawar was taking 10-15 minutes per voter while in NA-30 and PK-75, voting has been prolonged by 45 minutes and only 243 out of a total of 2,181 votes had reportedly been caste till 11 am.

Peshawar voters took to Twitter to complain about sluggish pace of polling. Voters claimed that votes were allegedly mixed up by the polling agents at Government Girls’ Primary School No.3 J-4 Hayatabad for seats NA-30 and PK-73.

There have also been allegations of slow voting process at NA-30 and PK-75 in Peshawar.

Long queues have been seen at multiple polling stations. Ballot boxes are also reportedly visible to polling agents at some polling stations.