The recent budget has increased hardships for students. The budget included 15 to 20% taxes on books. This means each book purchased will extort 15 to 20 rupees from the students, which is a matter of deep concern. Last month, when purchasing a second-hand book, I had to pay much more than the price of a new book bought a year before. This leads me to think of the consequence of taxation on books and education.

Today, Pakistan has 2nd highest number of out-of-school-children, which is 44% of the total population. This number will grow when taxes are imposed on books. The country will soon have to face the major issue of poverty with the high taxation system.

Thus, many more children will remain out of school this year if the Government continues this taxing. To avoid major problems ahead, the Government will have to scrutinize the dilemmas soon and ensure positive steps to resolve the matter.