Daesh is expanding in the world unhindered and it is franchising world-wide and I have written this book mainly to inform the world about its emergence as even more dangerous and lethal than the Taliban & Al Qaeda. I felt that it is my obligation to uncover the growing effect of terrorism and brutalities taking place under its cover. It is generating a conceptual culture of Daeshism which is being adopted by the other like bodies in the world. For an instance if we look towards the atrocities being carried out in India against the humanity and the minorities it shows a same trend and ideology. Recently we have witnessed a video clip in the Social Media in which a young girl is being beaten up by a group of young lads projecting the extremist mind set of RSS. Quoted incident and many others of the same nature clearly reflect that the trending Daesh-ism is a formed up shape of RSSism in India. There is a dire need that the common man from all over the world must be acquainted with the realities behind these cults of terror and brutalities. I have jolted down the inside account of Daesh/ ISIS and its hidden Agenda and I am confident that this book will serve as a great aid to the United Nations for conscripting the Leadership of Daesh and formulating a future course of action against this Monster.

Daesh’s presence in Afghanistan and the rest of the region is an alarming threat to the whole world as the deadly terrorist group is replacing Al-Qaeda & Taliban through a well-planned strategy. I was the one who first ever named Taliban as Zaliman for their brutalities against humanity. Daesh is worse than the Taliban, which is now trying to bring a new Ideology as Daesh-ism which is anti – Islam.

I as then Interior Minister had closely watched and followed the real motives of these terrorists and discovered the exact modus operandi of their moves and operations. I was keenly observing the behaviour of Al Qaeda and the emergence of Daesh starting from the ouster of Hossni Mubarak to the developments of Arab Spring and violation in Libya to Syria.

There are many other events and in the meanwhile Daesh began its activities worldwide.

I kept chasing and reported activities of Daesh other sources and discovered the first ever presence of Daesh in Daska - area of Sialkot and its further expansion to the Southern Punjab and finally its presence was reported in Kalar Syedan, near the Capital. Omar Khalid Khorasani claimed to be the local representative of Daesh.

Its expanding activities compelled me to write the book titled “Daesh-ISIS; A rising monster worldwide” which was launched on 17th July, 2019. I would like to share that the motivation behind the book was to put my experience in the war against terrorism and to expose the deadly terrorist outfit – Daesh/ISIS for the information of the people and to give a wakeup call to the world leadership and the international community to play its role in smashing this monster. I was very well aware of the after effects of exposing the affairs of such deadly organisation yet I decided to write with full facts for the information of a common man in the interest of International peace.

In the mid of 2014, in a Press Conference in Islamabad, I had stated that I had warned the then government that instead of remaining in a state of denial, it should take serious action before Daesh spreads like Taliban and may push the country into another phase of terrorism. Despite my repeated warnings, the Government of the time was not prepared to accept its presence, but I continued my chase and the country witnessed the terrorist actions in Pakistan claimed by Daesh. However, our security agencies have been playing a great role in identifying its operators and smashing the handlers and blocking their entry on the Afghan border.

I have highlighted as to how Daesh/ ISIS is more lethal than Al-Qaeda and Taliban in South Asia, Middle East and Europe even it will continue to great threat to China as per assessment made in the book and this monster can push the whole world into another bloodiest phase of terrorism, if not smashed on time. I have interacted with many Iraqis and Libyans including Libyan Former Interior Minister about the activities of Daesh and each of them confirmed the presence of Daesh in Libya and other parts of the world. My research and personal interaction with different heads of states and other Interior ministers enabled me to get the insight of the emergence and growth of Daesh and their worries. I have also indicated tactical operations of Daesh, its destruction and brutalities and its future designs in the book.

This book “DAESH-ISIS; Rising Monster Worldwide” contains all about what people want to know about Daesh and its dreadful terror creating modalities. It is very unfortunate that the killers /operators of Daesh, Al-Qaida, and the Taliban recite Kalma / Allah-o-Akbar and the one who is killed also chant the same slogans. This ideology of Daesh is anti-Islam and will continue to be anti-Islam. I have narrated all the facts in my book as to who created and funded the creation of Daesh in the beginning. Daesh is fully present in Afghanistan and doing its actions in Pakistan via Afghanistan. I have mapped out the locations of Daesh training centres as well.

In view of my assessments about the fast growing Monster of Daesh, I have proposed following immediate counter measure in my book:

1)  There should be consolidated and collective effort to block the growth of Daesh with an international common counterterrorism strategy duly discussed and formulated at the United Nations.

2)  An immediate conference should be called by UNO to formulate a common counterterrorism strategy, especially to control the rising of Daesh.

3)  I appeal to the UNO to constitute a Fact-Finding Commission to investigate the growth and ongoing brutalities in the world and the Commission should submit its report within 3 months.

4)  Daesh should be declared as deadly terrorist organization and stern actions against its sympathizers, financer and abettor should be taken mercilessly.

5)  The OIC should declare Daesh as anti-Islam organization as it is bringing a bad name to the religion by claiming to be an Islamic Organization.

6)  There should be an Interfaith Harmony Commission under the United Nations to enhance harmony among all faiths and religions.

I have given the facts based on personal experience and interaction with various international authorities and my participation in various security forums. It is based on my own actions in Pakistan and by closely watching the mysterious growth of Daesh starting from its initial days in Fallujah Iraq to various countries of the Middle East and subsequently its expansion towards west. There is a big question being asked worldwide as to who is funding Daesh including heavy weapons, tanks and missiles.

I appeal to the world to avert the growth of this monster before it grows bigger than Al-Qaeda to destroy the peace of the world

The inside account shows that Daesh is emerging as an ideology of Daesh-ism and its available missionaries in the world which could be used by any aspirant of dealing matters through terrorism.

I have also given the details as to how India went closer to Daesh and how the Indian National Security Advisor created working relation with Daesh to use them in Indian Occupied Kashmir. I have proved the link between RSS & Daesh.

Now there is a deep relation between Daeshism & RSS-ism and unfortunate evil success of the Indian National security advisor who is the real designer of brutalities in Kashmir with newly induction of Daesh.

You will find all whatever you want to know about Daesh in this book. It also indicates as to how Chinese nationals are being trained by Daesh in Afghanistan and what are next fears in the hand of operators of Daesh.