LAHORE - The Punjab Healthcare Commissionon Friday has completed the training of 313 district health officers to carryout action against quacks across the province. In the second and last phase of the joint training – held with the support of the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department –208 officers of the district health authorities (DHAs) of five remaining divisions were imparted training, which included 49 officers of Gujranwala, Rawalpindi 46, 42 each of Lahore and Faisalabad while 29 were of the Sargodha Division. In the first phase during the last week, 105 officers were trained, who comprised District Officers Health, DOH Medical Services, DOH Human Resource, Deputy District Officer-Health and Senior Medical Officers-Rural Health Centres,whereas the directors-health and chief executive officers DHAs were also present in the training sessions. These officers have been imparted training regarding the correct completion of the challan forms, collection of evidence and working on the anti-quackery Mobile App of the Commission for online transmission of information about the sealings, and coordinated action against quacks. Besides this, they have been given briefings about the PHC’s anti-quackery achievements, relevant rules and regulations. They will close down quackery outlets as per the PHC Act 2010, and despatch the sealing reports to the PHC for further action.