Domestic products

 The world, especially the so-called developed world has been taken aback with the outbreak of novel disease coronavirus from the land of very dynamic country—China. The deadly disease now entrapped many countries including western Europe whose people were looking towards a completely disease-free society. No doubt the people of developed world would be in shock along-with World Health Organisation, WHO, and would be very seriously doing efforts to confront and get rid of this deadly disease. However, in this part of the World where we people live, the slight entry of the disease through some carriers who visited neighbouring country in the recent time has provided opportunities to people to sell their own product irrespective the same has any efficacy for the disease or not: Government machinery is selling its efficiency and preparedness (which is unfortunately nowhere) Doctors are selling germs; Religious people Wazaefs (beliefs); fore-tellers their predictions of doom and gloom; Hakeems (informal physicians) herbals and many other compositions of eatables; magicians black magic; traders surgical masks and what the rest is left by the common people. So everyone has their own product to sell without knowing much about exact seriousness of the disease and the warranted measures to tackle the menace. We people must now look towards nature for our ultimate fate!




Land mafia

 Land mafia is one of the most powerful mafia groups in the current era. People involved in this black business trample the poor people ruthlessly and capture their lands on the behalf of power and force. Involvement of politicians, bureaucrats and other powerful figures in this black business is regrettable. People of Karachi are most affected by this land mafia. Roots of this land mafia are not confined only in Karachi, it has also spread all over the Pakistan. Police and other enforcement departments would have to be vigilant for capturing of these strong people who are involved in this mafia and have become a hazard for the common people.