LAHORE               -              The Lahore High Court  (LHC) Tuesday sought details from the Federal Government about Pakistanis who travelled to Iran and other countries recently. The five-member bench headed by LHC Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan passed the orders while hearing petitions for prevention of the coronavirus epidemic.

On the start of the proceedings, Additional Attorney General Pakistan Ishtiaq A Khan stated that a number of Pakistanis were still in Iran, in response to a court query. However, the bench questioned steps taken for checking the people coming from Iran, while seeking complete details of Pakistanis still in that country.

The chief justice asked Primary & Secondary Healthcare Secretary Muhammad Usman about steps taken in line with earlier court directions for setting up a laboratory for the corona test in every district. To which, the secretary replied that a decision would be made over the issue in the cabinet meeting being held Tuesday.

At this, Specialized Healthcare Secretary Nabeel Awan told the court that the corona test facility would be available in two more laboratories, including PKLI from tonight. He further submitted that 430 ventilators were available in public hospitals of the city, 452 in private hospitals, whereas 752 were available in other districts.

To a court query, a jail official submitted that 243 females were imprisoned in different jails whereas a prisoner had also been tested positive for corona and he was put in isolation.

A provincial law officer told the court that a 100-bedded hospital was also being established for prisoners after the bench inquired about health facilities being provided to prisoners.

Subsequently the bench adjourning hearing till Friday sought details of Pakistanis who went to Iran and came back, besides seeking similar data of passengers who travelled to Europe and others countries on visit visas.

The bench also sought details of steps being taken for welfare of the masses. Meanwhile, the bench dismissed various applications for becoming parties in the matter.