PHOOLNAGAR-The hotels located on Phoolnagar Bypass are safe havens for thieves, dacoits and drug peddlers as the owners buy stolen commodities such as bricks, drugs and other valuables.

Ninety percent of these hotels are involved in the business as it is very easy to sell or buy stolen commodities such as grain, cooking oil, clothes, mobile phones, electronic accessories, mattress, motorbikes hashish, Charas, heroin and all types of liquor.

The process is very simple the ordinary drivers who drove goods transportation trucks or tractor-trolleys loaded with bricks stop to have lunch or dinner and they eat what they want and give in return the goods or bricks or diesel and petrol against their bills.

Thus, the hotel owners receive things in less than half price. Many drivers take cash or take drugs like Charas in return of goods. According to sources, police do not take action against the drivers and the hotels because hotel owner give the local police free food to eat, free petrol for their vehicles and provide beds for their rest. It was also revealed during investigation that police do not patrol on the bypass and in the city but they stayed all night on various hotels.