This is with reference to the recent fund raising telethon by Pervez Musharraf on a private television channel and the acerbic response of the PML-N leadership on the huge amount ex-President had collected that it was done through donations of Musharrafs beneficiaries who had got some advantage or share of booty during his tenure. First of all, he was raising funds for a very noble cause, for supporting the people devastated in floods. Instead of praising the effort, the PML-N leadership chose to criticize him even though they themselves could not demonstrate the courage to do so for Pakistan. He did so sitting outside Pakistan which is even more difficult. The Rs 260 million that he collected in just three and a half hours is a record in itself and shows what a huge support he has among people. I donated money for him and so did many of my colleagues. I can say for myself and my friends that we never got a single pennys worth of advantage from his government. We are his staunch supporters because of his honesty, loyalty, vision and ambitions for Pakistan. A recent World Bank report had revealed that poverty level had been reduced to half (from 34% to 17%) during the Musharraf regime. Now it has again risen to 35%. The report also revealed that almost 5 million direct and indirect jobs were created during his tenure. Can any one quote any example where so many jobs were created in the history of Pakistan in such a short time? We all support Musharraf because of his vision and work for the nation. -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, September 24.