HAFIZABAD-Pye dogs, rats, flies and mosquitoes have made the lives of citizens absolutely miserable as no step has so far been taken by the civic authorities to eliminate these public menaces.

According to a survey conducted by this scribe in different areas of the district, narrow lanes in the old city and new localities have been neglected by the civic authorities and no fumigation could be carried out in their localities for the past few months. There are swarm of flies and ordinary mosquitoes which invade the citizens and in most of the localities, citizens have to pass sleepless nights.

Although no dengue case has been reported in the district so far, yet the authorities have failed to ensure fumigation and spray in all localities of the city and suburban areas.

Similarly, growth of rats and pye dogs in the area has increased for the past over six months and several cases of dog bites have been reported in the recent past.

Local citizens have called upon the authorities to take prompt measures to eliminate Pye dogs, rats, flies and mosquitoes to relief them from mental agony as well as different ailments.

Moreover, the citizens have called upon the health department to ensure availability of anti-rabbi vaccine in the DHQ Hospital and all Rural Health Centres and THQ Hospital Pindi Bhattian for ensuring prompt treatment to patients of dog bite.



Former DBA president Sheikh Pervaiz Akhtar has called upon the DPO to ensure early arrest of the dacoits who have stolen Rs1.2 million from the ice factory of his son Rehman Parvaiz located in Faisal Town few days ago. He said that FIR had been registered and one of the dacoits was arrested and Rs400,000 has been recovered from him but the other two accused have not yet been arrested. He called upon the DPO Sajid Kiayani to ensure early arrest of the accused and recovery of the booty.

Meanwhile, two bandits riding a bike raided a filling station of Mahr Ali Sher on Snagla Hill Road near Thatha Langhar and snatched Rs70,000 at gunpoint.

Similarly, two dacoits intercepted a pedestrian Shahid Nawaz son of Muhammad Amjad of Kawanwali and snatched away cell phone and Rs. two thousand from him at gun point.

The police are investigating but no arrest has been made at yet.