ISLAMABAD - The political and military leadership of Pakistan has agreed to launch an operation against foreign elements involved in terrorist activities in the tribal areas. TheNation has learnt through reliable sources that during the past few weeks a large number of foreign militants have infiltrated into the tribal areas from across the borders of some neighbouring countries to disrupt law and order situation in the area. Therefore, military operation against these elements has become inevitable, the sources maintained. According to diplomatic sources, the United States and its western allies have expressed their grave concerns over the escalation of terrorist activities in Afghanistan as well as the tribal areas of Pakistan. The sources assert that the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen during his recent visit had conveyed a message to Pakistans political and military leadership that it was high time that the Pakistani government acted against these militants. He also made it clear that if Pakistan government showed any reluctance the US itself would launch air strikes against the hideouts of these al-Qaeda militants. According to these sources, Admiral Mullen warned that US could use daisy-cutters to crush these elements in what he called a 'decisive operation, which could start any time.