SARGODHA/MANDI BAHAUDDIN - PTI Chairman Imran Khan Wednesday regretted that since creation of Pakistan, people in power introduced policies just to protect interest of the feudal lords and imperialists, thus the rich become richer while the poor become poorer.

“Pro- rich policies completely ignored the poor segments of society, but we will wind up the entire machinations, engineered by the corrupt rulers to perpetuate their rule at the cost of the masses and the country after coming to power.”

Imran Khan was addressing at gathering at Pind Mako at the residence of Nadeem Afzal Chan who formally joining PTI here on Wednesday.

The PTI chief asserted that if given a chance by the public in the upcoming elections, he would work in the interest of the poor and farmers to improve their lot.

Imran pointed out that remaining silent in front of oppressors is a sin and his party would spare no effort for welfare and prosperity of the masses. He said farmers are not getting due price for their agriculture produce including sugarcane and wheat. He said after coming to power, the PTI would put in maximum efforts to get better rates for the farmers.

The PTI chairman pledged that his party would introduces welfare-oriented policies for down-trodden particularly the peasants and labours.

He alleged that sugarcane growers were forced to set crops on fire as they were not paid price for sugarcane for many years, adding that the sugar mills owners also purchase sugarcane at lowest price, blaming faulty policies o the government.

Speaking about the deplorable condition education system in the country, Imran said that 25 million children are out of school and people are deprived of basic necessities of life.

“Children of the poor cannot get better education as the government-run school are not catering best education while doors of private institutions are closed on the poor,” he regretted, adding that until there is created uniformity in standard and equality education, Pakistan could never be put on the path to development and prosperity.

The PTI emphasised that policies must be formulate keeping in the poor and oppressed segments of the society and all facilities must be made available to the children of the poor to lead to the country to real prosperity and revolution. Imran said that he does not believe in hollow slogans rather practical has been the way of life. “I ask my colleagues to leave me if i retract from my commitments with people,’ he claimed.

Welcoming Nadeem Chan in the party fold, the PTI chief said that he is sure that Mr Chan’s presence would further strengthen the party.

On the occasion, Nadeem Afzal Chan announced joining PTI and reposed his confidence in leadership of Imran Khan. He said that only PTI can overcome family politics which he said, has ruined the country.

Mr Chan said he preferred the masses wellbeing to ideology. He predicted that Imran Khan would soon come to power.


Tahwar Bilal/Sher Gondel