Political cleansing in imperative Zarb-e-Azab will move inwards with full force. Khakis under the leadership of Raheel Sharif are focused and fully committed to cleanse the political arena of ‘Luteras’ created by a ‘Lutera General’ through the 1985 partyless elections. Compared to the political leadership of today the founding fathers were saints who had impeccable honesty and integrity.

As the first generation of Pakistan we have experienced both the rise and fall of our nation. Despite repeated setbacks our struggle has been un-ending. On August 14, 1947 we won our freedom. The caravan of democracy was derailed in October 1958. Instead of nation and institutional growth the focus was shifted to empire building. While still in our teens we challenged the cohesive state apparatus of self proclaimed Field Marshal Ayub Khan. We forced the first and only free and fair elections of 1970. The 1973 unanimously approved constitution is a gift of this assembly. In July 1977 we were derailed once again. Partyless elections, Talibanisation and creation of Political Mafias like MQM and PML(N) are hall mark of that era. Even the constitution was disfigured and violated. Both vertical and horizontal divisions were created to weaken the nation.

General Pervez Musharraf created his own Political Monsters like PML(Q) and MMA. As seasoned political activists we were back on the streets and finally toppled his government. When we forced the first credible electoral exercise in 1970, it was widely perceived that democracy was here to stay but it was not to be. The unholy alliance of the forces of status-quo has succeeded in manipulating ten elections since then. It is termed as election day dynamics to blunt the mandate of the people by the misuse of the state apparatus. Fake dictators and sham democracy has played havoc in the country.

Pakistan is sixty nine years old. The political experimentation must come to an end. Ayub Khan abrogated the 1956 constitution and sent the founding fathers home to be replaced with corrupt, inept leadership. Zia created a cadre of ‘Luteras’ while Musharaf added ‘Lotas’ to the gang of monsters who control and dominate the arena today.

Zarb-e-Azab (internal) has hit Karachi. Being the dominant monster of the city, MQM is the first in the line of fire. Tromars are being felt in Lahore and Islamabad as well. Like Altaf Hussain, Asif Zardari has also gone into retreat. MQM resignations are interesting. PML-N seems cornered as it desperately wants to save the corrupt system for empire its building to continue. There is a grand alliance of ‘Shiateen’ while the Khakis seem determined to carry on their crusade of cleansing to redeem their misdeeds of the past. It seems some lessons have been learnt.

In the emerging scenario PTI being the party of change has a crucial role to play in building of ‘Naya Pakistan’. But then PTI has also been infiltrated by the ‘Shiateen’ of the past (1985 – 2015). Will the party protect them of offer them to the cleansing accountability of Zarb-e-Azab (internal)? In the past Khakis have always sought political support for internal operations. When it was not readily available they created their own ‘Siasi Anaris’ as was done in 1958 and 1985. Today there is a movement for ‘Insaf’ in the country whose rank and file is totally committed to political cleansing followed by credible elections to determine the will of the people. It will be a great tragedy for the country if a few ‘Shiateen’ within PTI are able to blunt the entire clean-up Operation by operating behind the party banner of change. The lines have to be clearly drawn between the forces of change and status-quo.

Adherence to the constitution and rule of law is the only way forward. Now that the Khakis have realized that there should be no looking back. Several clauses of the constitution are being violated with the following being blatant: 25A (right to education). 32 (promotion of local government), 378 (promotion of social justice), 38 (economic well being), 63 (disqualification of members of parliament).

The elections in 1970 were credible as the manipulative mechanisms were not in place. Since then ten elections have been manipulated through Mafia control. Even the docile Judicial Commission of Pakistan (ECP). As an institution the Khakis can ensure another honest ballot by ensuring foolproof law and order. The administrative machinery has to be neutral which can only be possible in Karachi and Punjab by flying in officials from another province for managing the electoral process and then flown back.

In the recently held Local Government elections in KPK a new trend has been set prompt re-elections were held in all disputed constituencies. PTI is now getting ready for another Inter Party Election (IPE) which may prove to be an opportunity to cleanse the party democratically. The people of Pakistan desire change, a fresh start has to be made. The manipulated system set in place in 1985 has to be done away with. Political cleansing is now un-stoppable. Being a party of change it is the moment of truth for PTI. ‘Naya Pakistan’ can emerge through an honest ballot that meets the requirements set forth by the constitution after operation clean up. History is in the making, if PTI does not play its positive role towards this end Kaptaan will not be revered as a hero; a position he has earned after two decades of struggle.