The foundation of Jammat-e-Islami was laid on 26 Aug, 1941. But it was not the beginning of the movement. JI is the continuation of the same movement that started its journey from the caves of Makkah and then continued to travel through the bazars of Taif, the streets of Madina, the hardships of migration and the battles of Bader and Hunain, and then it reached us.

This movement is offering the responsibility of leading humanity and it will continue it up to the Day of Judgment. Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) started this movement 1450 years go. The same movement reached us because of the hard work of the Pious Caliphate, companions of the Prophet (PBUH) Taba Tabain, scholars and ulamaa. This movement was headed by Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Shafai, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and Imam Malik. Then Imam Ibn-e- Tammia led this movement. This movement was headed by Syed Abdul Qadir Jillani, Syed Mujadad Alf Sani, Syed Ali Hajvery, Baba Bulhay Shah, and Syed Hassan Albanna Shaheed and Syed Maudoodi respectively. Now this movement is flourishing in the whole word with the name of Jaamat-e-Islami. In the words of Allama Iqbal “Bahar ho k khizan la ilaha ilalah”, JI is the only religious party of the country that is free from sectarianism, regionalism and the prejudice of nationalism. Its doors are open to everyone.

JI has the system of Shurah in it. The consultation with workers has a great importance. JI is following the same pattern which was taught by the Holy Prophet through his Sunnah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was selected by Allah Almighty, he had the message of Allah directly. In spite of that, he always consulted with his companions in all matters. He didn’t need human consultations but he never ignored his companions. Allah Almighty also asked the Prophet (PBUH) to consult with his companions. JI has played its role magnificently in all the movements, whether it is the Movement of Nizam-e-Mustafa, the Movement of Khatam-e-Nabuat, Bangla Desh Namanzoor or other national movements. JI is the only party, where there is no tradition of inheritance.

Every worker is a leader and every leader is a worker. Any worker can become the Amir of JI. Other parties whether they are political or religious, are not truly democratic. Parties have become family properties. A son takes the position of the father and the grandson takes the position of his father. If a son is not able to become the party head, a daughter, granddaughter can take the charge and no one dares refuse. An elite class has captured these parties. We see landlord, feudal, capitalist and the preacher of some particular sects in other parties but JI is free from all these weaknesses and family politics. It has continued its journey on a constitutional and democratic path. The daughter or son, grandson or granddaughter of any party leader, whether it is Mian Tufail Mohammad, Qazi Hussain Ahmad or Syed Munawar Hassan, even the children of the founder of the JI Syed Maudoodi haven’t dreamed of becoming the leader of the party. The invitation of JI revolves around Allah and the Holy Prophet. The main point of this invitation is that not to collect others with Allah and the Prophet (PBUH).

We neither attract others to our Amir or to any other personality. That’s why our workers obey their Amir clearly. They are never suspicious about their Amir. They never deny anything. JI is playing the role of a leader of all international Islamic movements. The glorious past of the JI within the country has made its future bright. Now everyone acknowledges the services of JI, whether it is for the welfare of the people, defence of the country, restoration of the democracy, for establishing Islamic system or constitution of the country, or to resist fascism and secularism in the country. The discipline, style, commitment with cause, services, sincerity and abilities of JI are superb. Its opponents also admit it. JI has played an important role in the jihad of Afghanistan and Kashmir. It is the proof of the struggle of JI that the Kashmir issue is still a national issue. The Government does not have the courage to deviate from it, in spite of all international pressure.

The discipline of JI has always been remarkable. The discipline of the JI worker is an example for others. We are thankful to Allah Almighty. The reason is that the workers of JI have a clear aim before them. Hundreds of the workers of JI have become members of the Senate, National and Provincial assemblies, but they have never indulged in corrupt practices. It is nothing but the blessing of Allah. They are a part of the same society in is producing politicians with charges of corruption, but they always keep in mind that they have to answerable Allah. JI is fighting for the poor and depressed. JI is struggling for the rights of laborers, farmers and the people having meager salaries.

The main object of the politics of JI is to implement Shariah, a great cause for which our elders sacrificed a lot. This aim cannot be achieved until we make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state according to the model of the state of Madina. The Government should a system in which the poor, needy and destitute can be helped easily. This dream cannot be fulfilled until the nation is ready to launch a great campaign for it. The JI  arranged a national seminar in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan last year. It gathered the people in the same ground in which our elders made a promise to achieve an Islamic state.

JI has given the Pakistani people the agenda of Islami Pakistan, Khushal Pakistan. JI has promised that if they will be given power they will make a govt on the model of the state of Madina. The economy will be made interest free. Women and students will be provided with interest free loans. The rights of the common man will be protected. Laborers, farmers and workers will have their rights. The minimum wages of the labourers will be Rs 30,000. Five severe diseases will be treated freely in the hospitals: heart, kidney, Thalassemia, Cancer and Hepatitis. The children of rich and poor will get education in the same institutions. Madaras will enjoy the same facilities as colleges, universities and other educational institutions. The same syllabus will taught in all institutions. Ulamaa and khateeb will have their salary from the Government. Prejudices of sect, region and race will be rejected. The JI hopes that the nation will support our agenda of Islami Pakistan, Khushal Pakistan. Pakistan will achieve its lost glory in the community of the nations.