We are living in a time where brotherhood means nothing. Are we an Islamic Republic? Is it not said in Islam that the whole Ummah is One and has been referred to as a one body, so that if any one part gets hurt all of the body feels the pain, then what has happened to us all? Why have our hearts turned to stone? Kashmir bleeds and Muslims are being tortured around the world, yet no one speaks up, even if a small percentage speaks but no practical action is being taken. Kashmir is our part, part of Pakistan. Just for a moment put yourselves in their shoes, close your eyes just for a moment and imagine being in their situation, Allah forbid what if, what if... such a situation befalls upon us. We will be devastated, in need of help, any help we can get.

We, as Muslims, do not only have a life just for our own selves, we are not just sent to enjoy the pleasures of life. The Prophet (SAW) has said, “Those who show no mercy to others will have no mercy shown to them by Allah” [Muslim]. So if we, in the present condition, don’t show mercy and affection towards our brothers and sisters in need, how can we demand it when we will be in need of it, may Allah protect us all. Ameen! Sure, it is a fact every person has to deal with their respective issues, in the present times every person is going through a tough time and has to deal with issues not just on a general scale but on a personal one as well.

However, we the ordinary people can do something too, we just have to look outside the window, just for a second, pause and zoom in what's happening around the globe to Muslims. I mean look at Syria, Palestine, Burma etc. and go no further take a look at what's happening in our very own Kashmir. Muslims are being murdered like animals, treated like savages yet the world remains numb to all this. This war against Muslims, against Islam is pure racism. Is being a Muslim a crime? Every person has the freedom to follow their own preferred faith, the faith they believe in, this is basic human rights code. So why is Islam any different of a faith to follow? Why are Muslims being targeted and treated barbarically? And yet, no one has the courage to speak up and put a firm stop to this.

If for a moment, we stop and just look outside our lives, our problems and see what is happening in the world to Muslims, we would be struck with horror, are these not the signs of Qiyamah that we are seeing right before our eyes. We don’t mind at all the blood being shed of our brothers and sisters, we are busy in our own studies, carriers, jobs, thinking of which dress to wear to the next party and not only this, I mean they are real issues too, definitely they are problems which every person has to face but can’t we just give a moment to do something for our Muslim brothers and sisters, who are suffering throughout the world. Can’t we just raise our voice and stand up against the oppressors', why are we so afraid? We are Muslims, we should fear only Allah (SWT). Just for a moment go and see on the web, what is happening to Muslims around the globe, when you will see just a second of a video of the terror they are going through and the pictures, your heart will bleed out, your soul will cry in pain to see your brothers and sisters in such terrible conditions, being treated in such inhumane ways, being murdered in the most awful of ways, being tortured and starved, can we see our children, parents, siblings and friends starve like this?

Let us not go further, for a moment look at what is happening in our own Kashmir, such violence and bloodshed, just because they are Muslims. Is there no humanity in the hearts of Indians? What on Earth are they doing? Where are the human rights organizations now?

I am a person not having the resources to practically go there and help them out but if I had the opportunity I would give my life to do anything to help my Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering so much. Those who have power, why don’t they take any action, even the normal citizens on a middle-class level should play their role as well, protest peacefully as much as you can, raise your voice and stand up for your brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to speak and challenge the oppressors. If Allah the Almighty is with us, no one on this Earth can dare harm us. We just need unity. Unity on a national level as well as on a religious level. As Pakistanis, people belonging to every cast, creed, culture and religion should stand up for Kashmiri’s because Kashmir is part of our homeland, for which Muhammad Ali Jinnah struggled so much. He would be in so much pain to see all of this happening. Secondly, we need unity as a Muslim Ummah. This war is on Muslims, Muslims are being targeted and this is inane! How can we justify it and remain blind to all that is happening? How can we remain silent, no we shall not!

We need justice, justice for our Muslim brothers and sisters, suffering so badly not only in Kashmir nut around the globe but as Pakistanis at least, the least we can do is stand up for Kashmiris. If we are united, the whole Muslim Ummah is together as one body and Allah (SWT) is with us all, believe me none of these oppressors' stands a chance against us.

We say our heart bleeds for Kashmir, but are we doing anything practical for them? Be more of a Muslim not as an individual but as one body connected to each other through our souls, by our faith.