Born in Calicut, Kerala in 1930, BM Kutty moved to Pakistan at a young age of 19 and played an active part in different progressive, democratic, workers’ movements of the country for more than six decades. He has been a part of National Awami Party and was secretary general of Movement for Restoration of Democracy during General Zia’s period. He was also a political secretary of Mir Ghaus Baksh Bizenjo, the governor of Balochistan province in 1972. This journey for a more democratic, welfare country was far from easy and he had to face multiple imprisonments, confinements. He also helped establish the Pakistan institute of Labor Education and Research (PILER) in 1982 which is one of the very few organizations in the country working for labor rights. He has also remained the secretary general of Pakistan Peace Coalition which works for the regional peace between India and Pakistan. He died yesterday.

The history of Pakistan is filled with forgotten gems like BM Kutty who have kept fighting for democracy in the face of dictatorships, for the workers in the face of increased privatizations and for peace in the face of increased tensions between India and Pakistan. Highlighting, honoring, following their legacies is essential for building “Ham Sab ka Pakistan.”

“Pakistan’s political history is incomplete

without mentioning the political struggle by

B M Kutty for the rights of Baluchistan.”

–Karamat Ali, PILER