Rawalpindi-The caravan of police and religious scholars of different schools of thought reached Murree on Tuesday.

The ulemas pledged to adopt a positive and moderate attitude in their sermons to avoid any sectarian conflict during Muharram ul Haram.  They also pledged to discourage all the elements involved in fanning sectarianism on social media by sharing hate material. 

All the attendees have lauded the services and efforts of City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ahsan Younas and his team members including Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Syed Ali Akbar for maintaining peace and law and order situation during Muharram.

Earlier, the caravan was accorded a tumultuous welcome by the administration of Jamia Al-Farooq Murree upon its arrival. 

The participants of caravan included CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas, CTO Syed Ali Akbar, Maulana Ashraf Ali, Maulana Mazhar, Qari Abdul Rashid, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Toheedi, Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Rizvi, Shaukat Jaffri, Syed Zahir Shah, Syed Javed Ali Shah, Agha Nayyer Abbas Jaffri and Qari Zahoor Ul Haq.

Later, a meeting was also held at Jamia Al-Farooq to review security arrangements for Muharram ul Haram. 

Addressing the meeting, Qari Saif ul Rehman Saifi said all the ulemas and religious scholars are united and will put their efforts for peace and spreading love and brotherhood during Muharram. Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal said CPO has utilised all available resources to restore peace in the city during Muharram. Maulana Ashraf Ali said the police and ulemas would cooperate with each other to tackle any threat to peace during the sacred month.

Speaking on the occasion, CPO Muhammad Ahsan Younas said it was a moment of immense pleasure and satisfaction for him that all the scholars of different schools of thought are sitting together around a table for evolving a strategy for ensuring peace and tranquillity during Muharram ul Haram. He said that one should follow the teaching of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and should avoid fanning sectarianism.

Later, police and ulemas held a peace walk on Mall Road Murree and prayed for peace, well-being and prosperity of the country.