KARACHI - KESCs problems remain unresolved and it has been asserted that there is no respite from power outages till June 2010. Where does the real problem start with? Wapda is providing 700 MW power to the KESC to ensure uninterrupted supply to the City, but it is a sad state of affairs, where does the 700MW goes away? Isnt it a responsibility of the organisation to provide electricity to the consumers, at their behest? But more importantly, there are power thieves too in city of Karachi, who go for the kunda system and dont pay their bills on time. Slightly off the mark, it generates a problem for the entire city and its commercial and residential users. The very assertion that due to overhauling the Bin Qasim Power Plants are often shut down during the winter season, marks another controversy that the furnace oil is being saved by the company, as well. The problem belies with the policies that the corporate company follows from increase in electricity tariff to 13.6 percent is surely an illogical answer to many people. But the fact of the matter is that, the generation of cost per electricity unit is Rs 9 per unit and government is charging Rs 5 per unit giving subsidy at the tune of Rs184 billion per annum. It can be asserted that is evidently true but quite difficult to suffer the burden of subsidy saying that increase in oil prices can also affect the per unit price. With power crisis unmet, and power thieves to be met with a harsh attitude, for power supply has been disconnected from the month of December 2009, in Fire Station residential colony, RLAK College of Home Economics and even Safari Park. With surmounting charges, KESC believes that it has the right to treat those customers rightly who has paid their dues on time. Hence, the requisite demand and supply of such customers can be met, straightly, without any hassle. How long does KESC plans to move in the right direction and does justice to all in supplying electricity to the various customers needs to be seen, effectively and only time will tell.