ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has given the suggestions to the government for complete elimination of terrorism from the country.

Though the party was not called by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take part in the APC and present its suggestions to eliminate terrorism from the country, yet it has done its working and suggested measures to end terrorism.

Among other measures it has suggested the provincial government to upgrade its security system and remove flaws in the system for quick and concrete results otherwise this whole exercise would be useless.

The suggestions given to the provincial governments include employment and training in the police department be handed over to the Pakistan Army and a standard be set for the physical fitness of officers and jawans alike, walls and gates at all the schools be fortified and security system be ensured, police check-points be created at inter-district level and the present patrolling system be improved and the police numbers be increased manifold.

It has also suggested that the funds allocated for Yellow Cab scheme, Ashaina Housing Scheme and Laptop Scheme be diverted on emergency basis towards the police who should upgrade their weapons and purchase better vehicles. These funds should be used for the improvement of police working for two years.

Provincial police should arrest the thousands of proclaimed offenders involved in heinous crimes and a separate force by assembled to deal with such criminals and should be included in the national struggle against our war against terror. All police officials who have been involved in heinous crime should be awarded punishment and removed from their present assignments and the discipline within the police force should be equal to that as is in the army. Police posting, transfers and recruitments should be on merit and all political involvement should end, the PAT suggested.

It has also demanded in its suggestions that all criminals should be awarded punishment according to law and this should be done in a speedy manner and no outside influence or pressure should be used in this regard. Local Bodies elections should be held forthwith and committees be set up under them at Union Council level which should keep an eye on suspicious people in the areas. LB polls are a constitutional requirement and will serve the people and also serve to control law and order situations and check the rise in terrorism.

Chief Ministers should stop useless meeting they hold every day with police officials and let the police officials spend more time in the field and at their work place.

In the end PAT also suggested that all the provincial assemblies should call their sessions immediately including Gilgit-Baltistan and pass resolutions condemning terrorism and declare and own this war against terrorism.

Dr Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi, central president, after releasing these suggestion to the media, said that PAT has always worked for the country and Tahirul Qadri has given several suggestions and a 600-page report to counter terrorism. He said PAT has always desired long-lasting peace in the country as PAT is a peace-loving political party.