LAHORE- Only one action by the PPP, if it takes, will determine the future course of Punjab politics after PML-Ns decision to expel its Ministers from the Cabinet. Neither there will be new political alignments in Punjab nor will members of forward bloc face any legal action by their parent party, until and unless PPP does one thing, that of asking Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to seek fresh vote of confidence from the Assembly. This major decision, if taken, will not only show PPPs real intentions, it will also set the ball rolling for future political events. Though the PPP has not given any indication of taking up confrontation with the PML-N so far, it may exercise this option any time if the need be. Under the Constitution, it is not binding on the Governor to ask the Chief Minister to seek fresh vote of confidence if one of the coalition partners quits or is made to leave the Cabinet. It is up to his sweet will to provoke the relevant provision of the Constitution if he feels that CM has lost confidence of majority of the Assembly members. If the PPP does not exercise this option as its leaders have already indicated in their statements, Punjab government will remain stable. The members of forward bloc will also remain safe from the defection clause which forbids them from voting against the decision of their parent party. There will be no question of sending disqualification references against them by the PML-Q leadership if the issue of seeking confidence vote by the CM does not surface in the Assembly. And there will also be no political wheeling and dealing in that case, and the talk of a possible alliance between PPP and PML-Q will become irrelevant. The PPPs announcement that it did not want to revert to the era of 90s, is a clear indication that it had no intention to ask Shahbaz Sharif through its Governor to seek confidence vote from the Assembly. Punjab Senior Minister Raja Riaz is also on record having made a statement to this effect. But if the Governor asks Chief Minister to seek vote of confidence, it will be a clear indication from the PPP that it wanted confrontation with the Punjab government. This will be followed by a legal battle over the legal status of the forward bloc, and the new situation will also bring the PPP and PML-Q closer together as future allies. One thing, however, is sure to happen. Ch Zaheeruddin Ahmad of PML-Q is surely going to lose the office of Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly. This slot will now go to PPPs Raja Riaz. Once the PPP assumes Oppositions role, the province will witness a lot of politicking, almost on daily basis. Besides frequent requisition of Assembly sessions, the PPP also plans to tell the people stories of alleged corruption by PML-N Ministers on regular basis.