So the entire Moin Khan fiasco has brought more shame to the already shameful situation of Pakistani cricket. It almost feels like there are some invisible forces which decided that things still aren't bad enough for the team and hence, we have another controversy. Moin Khan has officially been called back from Australia. However, all of this is a blessing in disguise. This might actually be what we have all been waiting for. Technically, Moin Khan had nothing to do in Australia with the Pakistani management. His job was to select the team and bid them farewell. But he requested the PCB to accompany the team. Due to his presence in Australia, there have been growing tensions in the Pakistani camp. Waqar Younus, Misbah Ul Haq and Moin Khan all have their own agendas and want to play the team of their choice. They have been at loggerheads and it's all been a huge mess. Now that Moin Khan is back, that's one man out of the picture. This might lead to some understanding and unity in the camp. We need it more than ever right now. We will see the result of this change very soon in Sunday's match. I have my fingers crossed.

–Shaan Tahir