Joint session of tribal chieftains, lawmakers and officials concerned held under the chair of divisional commissioner failed to evolve a consensus for recruitment in Border Military Police and Baloch Levy against vacant posts lying vacant for the past 15 years.

The elders and local elected representatives deferred each other’s point view, leaving the matter for another session to develop a consensus for recruitment policy in the BMP and BL for Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur districts. The tribal chiefs demanded that they may be allotted quota as per the sanctioned posts and the population.

The third joint session of the administration tribal chiefs and elected representatives is likely to be held in a couple of days to decide fate of over 500 posts lying vacant from the past 15 years.

According to reliable sources, the session chaired by DG Khan Division commissioner Dr Saqib Aziz was held at the commissioner’s office to finalize the recommendations and suggestions for recruitments in the traditional Border Military Police (BMP) and Baloch Levy (BL) responsible for the law and order in the tribal area of the both the semi tribal districts.

On the occasion, most of the tribal chieftains opined that quota may be allotted to them to enable them recommend suitable candidates fit for serving in both the forces.

However, their stance was opposed by some elected the MNAs and MPAs who suggested that the recruitment should be made purely on merit basis to induct competent staff to improve performance of the traditional forces.

As per figures available with this scribe, there are 550 posts lying vacant in both the BMP and BL for the past 15 years.  The session, however, failed to evolve any mechanism and ended on disagreement. It was decided to convene another joint session to finalize recommendations that would be forwarded to the provincial government for the recruitment in both the BMP and BL.

During the session some elected representatives also demanded quota if tribal chieftains are accommodated for their respective tribes. The tribal chiefs also demanded that there should be a ban on the intra-tribe transfer of the staff of both the BMP and BL.

On the other hand, the participants of the session were informed that there was no provision of the quota system for the tribal chiefs as well as for the elected representatives under the law while recruitment on merit would improve performance of the both traditional forces in the area.

The next session is expected in the couple of days.